This is the HappyDiggers market. It's an easy way to donate to our community and gain access to our donor servers as a donor perk automatically. Click the "Donations" link above to get started.

Why donate? Because we like to offer a huge thank you to those who do with the following listed below:

  • We offer access to 3 huge servers to those who donate €15,- or more. These servers are all 80.000 x 80.000 blocks in size and are fully pre-generated.
  • Our servers run on fast hardware with a fast Internet connection.
  • Players on the donor servers can have more animals, more farm land and more fruit trees.
  • The donor servers have a high detail Dynmap with isometric surface view.
  • There is no cool down period on teleports for the donor servers (HardCore does not have teleports)
  • Towns on the donor servers get more plots to claim.
  • Running servers costs a lot of money. While we are not dependent on donations to continue running these servers, it does help. Not just financially, but as a boost to help us stay motivated to continue running our servers.

We currently offer 3 donor servers as a donor perk to everyone who donates €15,- or more.

  • TerrafirmaCraft Regular server - TFC on a plugin heavy server. Loads of commands of convenience.
  • TerrafirmaCraft Hardcore server - TFC with basic protection only. No teleports and no commands of convenience.
  • TechnodeFirmaCraft server - TFC based mod pack, available on AT Launcher.

For people who wish to donate more there is the option to choose higher tier categories. We do not offer any kind of pay to win on our servers. However the higher tiers will give players respect on our servers via a custom title and a couple of other perks.

Please be sure to read the server rules and details before making a donation. Also be sure to play on our Freebie TFC server first. All servers will offer the same performance as they are hosted on the same hardware.