Read our server rules first

Please read the server rules. Breaking the rules and getting yourself jailed or banned are not valid reasons for a chargeback.

Server performance

Play on the Freebie TFC server before considering donating. The Freebie TFC's performance is indicative for the donor servers. If that server lags for you, then all the other servers will as well. Lag is nog a valid reason for a chargeback.

The servers are run on a best effort basis. We make no guarantees about availability.


A donation of €15,- or more will grant you certain perks. One of these perks is access to our donor servers. We will try to keep these servers running for as long as we can. We've been running Minecraft servers since 2012. But we make no promisses about how long we will continue to do so.

Unfortunately we can't make any guarantees about plugin specific perks staying available. When we need to update a server plugins may break.


Donating will not get you unbanned. If you were banned on our server your only chance to get back in is to file an unban request on our forum. Make it good and hope for the best.

Refund policy

All payments regarding services provided by MinecraftMarket have a 3 day refund policy from the original date of purchase.